Christmas Traveler-free ebook by John Koessler

For some years now, one of the ways I have observed the Christmas season is by writing. I began with poems, the occasional story, then turned to essays. Over the last few years, I have been publishing these on my blog. This year I decided to collect the material into a small book and send it to my friends as a Christmas greeting. The idea occurred to me as I listened to Christmas music composed by Jazz musician Alfred Burt who, observing a tradition begun by his father, sent an original Christmas carol each year to family and friends. As someone who reads my blog, perhaps you will enjoy it too. You can download it from the link on my homepage below.

3 thoughts on “Christmas Traveler-free ebook by John Koessler

  1. Thank you, John, for this early Christmas gift!

    It was a pleasure reading all the stories and poems. Even though an e-book doesn’t have the real feel of a physical book, there is no doubt the words themselves allow the mind to weave together the images and scenes of the story!

    The artwork and pictures were awesome!👏

    This book helped clear out and create a little more room for Jesus in my heart!

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