Dangerous Virtues-Group Resources

Picture of small group.

The videos and questions below can be used to discuss the chapters in Dangerous Virtues: How to Follow Jesus When Evil Masquerades as Good by John Koessler. Each video and set of questions is based on a chapter from the book. It is suggested that group members read the chapter in advance (there are additional questions for personal reflection at the end of each chapter). If the video or question sheet does not immediately appear as you scroll down the page, wait a few seconds for it to load. The videos can also be viewed on John’s YouTube channel. If you find the book and these studies to be helpful, please tell others.

To download a free PDF version of the discussion guide that includes group discussion questions and handouts for each chapter, click on the link below. When you click on the blue “Guide” button, the discussion guide will download.

Video 1-Dangerous Virtues: The Way of the Living

Video 2-Dangerous Virtues: Love-The Seduction of Desire

Video 3-Dangerous Virtues: Satisfaction-Coping With the Hunger That Cannot Be Satisfied

Video 4-Dangerous Virtues: Prosperity-Why Wanting More Means We Will Never Have Enough

Video 5-Dangerous Virtues: Leisure-Living Beyond the Weekend

Video 6-Dangerous Virtues: Justice-Life in an Age of Outrage

Video 7: Dangerous Virtues: Envy-Getting What’s Coming to Them

Video 8: Dangerous Virtues: Pride-Why We Need to be Put in our Place

Video 9: Dangerous Virtues: Yet Not I-Separating Ourselves from Sin